From Innovation to Impact Workshop

From Innovation to Impact

Have you considered the transformative potential of your research or technology within the Australian grains industry?

Valued at $65 billion, this sector is ripe for innovation. Whether you're exploring bioengineering, robotics, or other cutting-edge solutions, your research/technology could reshape the future of agriculture.

In order for research to propel humanity forward it needs to make its way out of the lab and into industry, policy and society.

Join us for a two-day workshop to explore your research/tech solution's commercial potential in the grains industry.

Workshop Details

From Innovation to Impact
15 - 16 July 2024
9:00am - 3:30pm
Charles Sturt AgriPark Industry and Innovation Hub
(Building 21, Darnell Smith Drive, Car Park 5)
Wagga Wagga Campus

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Achieve your goals, make an impact, and elevate your career. Learn with like-minded people at our hands-on workshop. Invest two days today, to go faster in the future.

We know that you want to:

  • Finish your degree, publication or thesis
  • Excel in your studies and research
  • Make a difference
  • Build the skills for a promising career
  • Establish a reputation

Our workshop will introduce you to new ways of thinking, and useful tools and techniques in areas like innovation, design thinking and agile methods. It will build your future-focused skills in creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking.

You’ll analyse how your research (or ideas) can address real-world and people-focussed challenges to drive positive change in a complex world, and perhaps create the framework for a start-up or money-making proposal in the process.  You can even use the tools to build your personal brand.

Connect meaningfully with your peers who are challenged and excited by similar things to build lasting relationships for your uni/research journey.

Meet the facilitator

Hebbat Manhy

Leading Cicada’s Climate & Industry Tech, Hebbat has worked within areas of Heavy Industry, FMCG, MedTech and Life Sciences from product inception to launch. Hebbat has over 20 years experience in innovation and business transformation with a proven track record in successfully implementing large-scale complex engineering, marketing, commercial and digital strategies to deliver value and growth with strength in stakeholder alignment.

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I had an incredible journey at Cicada Innovations, where I immersed myself in deep tech and learned valuable marketing language and long-gamestrategies as a startup. The online course provided a solid foundation,covering market analysis and effective communication. The two-day workshop was immersive, with amazing founders sharing practical insightson crafting narratives and marketing campaigns. The networking opportunities connected me with like-minded individuals and potentialinvestors. Cicada Innovations has transformed my entrepreneurial journey, equipping me for success in the deep tech space.

Maedeh Mousavii