Indigenous Health Innovation Initiative

Indigenous Health Innovation Initiative

Transforming Health Outcomes with Indigenous Wisdom and Innovative Practices

Are you driven to address significant health challenges within Indigenous communities? Do you aspire to blend traditional knowledge with modern innovation techniques?

This initiative, fully funded by Charles Sturt University, combines rigorous academic frameworks with community-based experiences, ensuring your innovations are culturally resonant and effective. Learn from experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander innovators and health practitioners to turn your ideas into actions that benefit our communities.

Join us for a dynamic 9-week program designed to catalyse change and create impactful health solutions for our communities.

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"Implementing the Indigenous Health Innovation Initiative on Birpai country allows us to fully leverage the rich resources of Charles Sturt University. Collaborating closely with Indigenous facilitators and experts in a culturally safe and respectful environment, we create a powerful platform for transformative health solutions. This setting not only enriches our program but also ensures that we cultivate health innovations that are deeply informed by traditional wisdom and contemporary practices. Come, join us on this vital journey. Gawaymbanha-galang—step forward with resilience and vision!"

- Stephen Rutter, The Scale Institute

This initiative goes beyond merely conceptualising a better health system; it's about forging deep connections to develop enduring community first solutions. Evolve, enhance, and contribute meaningfully. This is health innovation viewed through an Indigenous perspective, where every advance respects and builds upon the legacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health leaders and advocates

What you need to know

Working with The Scale Institute, an Indigenous owned and led organisation, the 9-week program will consist of:

A three-day learning circle in Guruk (Port Macquarie)
3-5 October 2024

Three virtual sessions with Indigenous facilitators
[14-22 October 2024]

A two-day learning circle in Guruk (Port Macquarie)
28-29 November 2024

A bagaraygan (celebration with mob) in Guruk to showcase and share the projects developed
30 November 2024

The program is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. We welcome applications from those working in the Indigenous Health system, and anyone passionate about making a positive impact in their communities. As the program is designed to accommodate individuals who may be working or studying, sessions are often scheduled to fit around typical work or study commitments. Specific details will be provided once you are accepted into the program.

The program is offered free of charge to support accessibility for all participants. Specific details on any potential costs, such as travel arrangements will be provided during the application process.

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