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Designed to bring together the infrastructure, networks and supports to develop innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities in the industries and communities in which we operate.

Innovation is key to addressing future challenges. At Charles Sturt University, our diverse programs foster innovation across various industries like food production, climate change, healthcare, and cybersecurity. Whether you seek to understand innovation processes, develop skills, validate ideas, solve community issues, or implement solutions, Innovate at Charles Sturt offers workshops, bootcamps, hackathons, masterclasses, conferences, and demo days to support your journey.

Our innovation programs


Indigenous Entrepreneur Program

This program is tailored to nurture a variety of Indigenous entrepreneurs with mature businesses, encompassing food production and technology within the agrifood sector to specialised segments such as skincare, beauty, health, wellness and medicinal products.

Introduction to Innovation

Nurturing the next wave of agrifood tech ventures as they work to unlock solutions to one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today, feeding a growing population without destroying the planet.

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