Accelerating discovery through collaboration

A unique development for Australia in which innovation and productivity is accelerated through deliberate and pro-active synergy and collaboration.

So much more than just office space, the AgriPark offers an opportunity to access and form powerful connections with the businesses, organisations and individuals that are changing the shape of the Australian agrifood scene.

Through its very design, collaboration and networks are deliberately fostered. As a participant of the AgriPark you will be located with other businesses and organisations in a unique ecosystem specifically designed to enhance the growth, sustainability and resilience of the food and agriculture sectors.

Whether you want to explore new ideas, commercialise innovations, collaborate on joint ventures or access CSU's world-leading researchers, at the AgriPark it's all on your doorstep.

The AgriPark Ecosystem

The AgriPark sits in the very heart of one of Australia's most vibrant commodities and agribusiness networks – the Riverina.

Interspersed within CSU's Wagga Wagga campus, the AgriPark has exclusive access to a well established and dynamic network incorporating a diverse range of researchers and industry players - like the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, National Wine and Grape Industry Centre and the AgriTech Incubator.  This makes it the ideal place to base your business, warehousing or production operation.

As the innovation hub of the AgriPark develops and strengthens, it will create new opportunities for its members and the wider industry, and be recognised as the exemplar of regionally-located excellence and expertise driving Australian agricultural innovation nationally and internationally.