Bridge Hub Water Challenge

Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge is NOW OPEN.

The Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge is now open to applications from researchers, startups and undergraduate students with research, solutions, and ideas that address the following Challenge:

1. How can the agrisystem use less water and increase productivity and profitability?

2. How can we ensure the quality of water optimises the outcomes for the agrisystem and the environment?

3. How can we turn arid agricultural areas into vibrant, sustainable and productive regions?

4. How can different sectors outside the agrisystem align to optimise water usage?

Over A$250,000 in cash and investment available. Applications are available via the Bridge Hub website and will remain open until Friday 7th August. Please share this opportunity with your networks.

For further information contact Di Somerville, Community Manager, on 0417 066 484 or by emailing