Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge

Applications for the Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge Problem Identification period extended until Thursday 30 April 2020.

Bridge Hub's 2020 Water Challenge aims to bring together experts, researchers and innovators to find solutions to some Australia's urgent water challenges and seeks solutions to the following questions:

How can the Australian agrisystem use less water and increase productivity and profitability?

How can we ensure the quality of water optimises the outcomes for the agrisystem and the environment?

How can we turn arid agricultural areas into vibrant, sustainable and productive regions?

How can different sectors outside the agrisystem align to optimise water usage?

The Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge has two streams:


We want to unlock and demonstrate the next generation of leading Australian, Israeli and Global water technology solutions for the agrisystem.


We want to identify cutting edge Australian research that can help solve the water related problems within the agrisystem.

For more information contact Di Somerville, Bridge Hub Community Manager, or visit the Bridge Hub 2020 Water Challenge website.

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